Find below a list of further "post-grunge" bands in Germany:


This band sound awesome especially when you hear them at a very loud volume. Some very skilled song writing and serious musical craftsmanship. Established in the summer of 2007 and based in Munich. Great female Vocals; Anamity are Bettina Junkersdorf (voc/guit), Maximilian Fraas (bass) and Benjamin Pflug (drums). Listen to their tracks here.

Blitzkommando Ultraschall

This is a Berlin based Psychedelic Punk-Rock band with a heavy grunge influence. A friendly crazy trio with a couple of good tracks and interesting ideas. We had great fun experiencing them live in 2009 in the Salz Club. Gotta love these dudes!

Blitzkommando Ultraschall


These Hamburg based Rockers were around in the 90's (founded in 1993) and named their band after the German word for "blessed". They were fairly successful and have already released four albums. The members now went on to create two new bands (Kungfu and Zinoba).

Still Born

Still Born was born in 2000. They have a heavy prodigy-grunge-like sound. With more than 80 concerts the band has a nice following all over Germany. They headlined at ├ľKT 2003 and played in the Berlin Prison in 2004. This band focuses their energy on live-shows and is well worth the effort of checking out!


Redline is a German hard-rock band from Munich founded in 2006. They have received considerable media publicity in 2007 and 2008. You can check out some of their songs on their homepage.

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